Since 1997, Recycle Free has featured a ‘green initiative’ recycling program for Inkjet & Laser printer cartridges, plus Mobile Phones. Our clients have included prestigious government and corporate organizations including the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, all nationwide locations of Fedex Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s), all nationwide locations of Regus and HQ Global Workplaces, and many more.

Our program accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM ) inkjet and laser cartridges. Unfortunately, we along with most entities within the industry do not accept ink tanks, compatible or re-manufactured cartridges. The simple answer to your next question is: they have no value, thus we simply pay to ship them from one location to another.

Please help us minimize our costs and consolidate your cartridge shipments. Whenever possible, please ship a minimum of 20lbs of cartridges (40lb max) per box. Your cooperation ensures the vitality of our green initiative program.

Recycling Today

Did you know that recycling in commercial businesses is so important because commercial waste makes up about 40% of total municipal waste in America today? Ordinary individuals like you and me in the United States will send the equivalent of 4.5 pounds of trash into are landfills each day and approximately 9% – 12% of these materials are made of plastics.

Business and industry operations generate recyclable materials in many areas, such as offices, cafeterias, supply stores, shipping or warehouse departments, print shops and production areas.

In fact, many companies are already enthusiastically collecting recycled materials in high-profile programs, while others are just beginning. Collecting recycled materials can cost money, but it also saves money by reducing the volume of waste that must be disposed.

Recycle Free understands that your business is dependent upon the revenues it generates and expenses you can reduce. That?s why we have introduced our Inkjet, Laser & Mobile Phone recycling programs that won?t add any expenses to your bottom line.

Marketing Suggestions

Introduce a ?kick-off? memo from senior management announcing the recycling program and requesting the involvement of all associates. The memo should encourage associates to volunteer to become members of a recycling team.

Organize your event to coincide with your company?s annual summer picnic, National Earth Day Celebration, or monthly meetings and luncheons.

Articulate your strategy through a formal environmental policy or mission statement. Your associates will understand that environmental concerns are a company priority.

Involve your associates at the planning stage, as this will give them a sense of ownership, making it more likely that they will support the program. Solicit feedback from them during program implementation to ensure their continued involvement.

Train and educate your associates to properly participate in recycling by providing simple and concise logistical information. New associates should be trained during orientation.

Conduct a 15-minute exercise for small groups that can be very effective in explaining the details of the program. Also, be certain that the custodial staff is well trained and understands the importance of it?s role in the program.

Encourage your associates to participate on a regular basis. Associates will be more likely to participate enthusiastically if they understand the benefits of recycling, both for your company and the environment.

Inspire your associates by giving them feedback on the many successes of the program and to reward associates for their continued involvement through awards and promotional products.

Demonstrate excellent choices in promotional products by supplying Frisbees, reusable mugs, reusable shopping bags and seeds for planting.

Contact us for your green initiative recycling program.

It doesn’t matter what brand of toner you or your company may use, all types are recyclable and will make a great sustainable difference for your team’s future as well as our planet.