Our program accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM ) inkjet and laser cartridges. Unfortunately, we along with most entities within the industry do not accept ink tanks, compatible or re-manufactured cartridges. The simple answer to your next question is: they have no value, thus we simply pay to ship them from one location to another.

Please help us minimize our costs and consolidate your cartridge shipments. Whenever possible, please ship a minimum of 20lbs of cartridges (40lb max) per box. Your cooperation ensures the vitality of our green initiative program.

Inkjet & Laser Cartridge Recycling

Recycle Free recycles Inkjet cartridges, Laser cartridges and Mobile Phones throughout the continental United States. Our company is impacting the environment and rewarding corporate, government, fundraising and individual recyclers.

We have a comprehensive recycling program that is the responsible step to a proactive culture in recycling plastic waste. This program is a tremendous opportunity for organizations, no matter the size – single sites to multiple locations nationwide.

Your organization will benefit from a few of the many ways it pays to recycle.

  • No Cost to Participate.
  • Nothing to Purchase.
  • Free Collection Materials.
  • No Minimums on most returns.
  • No Sorting.
  • No Impact on Current Vendors.
  • Improve our World’s Environment.

Corporate & Government

Our Nationwide Recycling Program has been distributed to thousands of public and private schools, city and civic offices, hotels, hospitals, retail chains, and other business offices and organizations throughout the United States.

Since 1997, our corporate program has secured national contracts with prestigious government and corporate organizations including the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, all nationwide locations of Fedex Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s), all nationwide locations of Regus and HQ Global Workplaces, and many more.