Now Accepting ALL Cellular Phones!

Mobile Phone Recycling – Overview

Electronic waste is a growing concern for all of us. As more and more consumer electronics are discarded, it is important that we take responsibility by reducing our impact on the environment by recycling as many of these electronic items as possible.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for every million cellphones that are recycled, 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered. Most consumers replace their phones every 24 months.

Only about 5% of retired mobile phones are currently being recycled. Most are being stored. When deciding what to do with your used mobile phone, please keep in mind that mobile phones contain hazardous substances. We want to spread the word about the dangers of discarded mobile phones, and to encourage all mobile phone owners to recycle their used phones.

More than Just Cartridges

Electronic waste is a growing concern for all of us. As more and more consumer electronics are discarded, it is important that we take responsibility by reducing our impact on the environment by recycling as many of these electronic items as possible.

Where others recycling companies only collect a limited variety of used phones, Recycle Free provides a complete recycling service for all mobile phones – including digital, analog and even the old bag phones. every make, model, and type of mobile phone. This includes all the older analog phones as well as digital phones, and includes recycling all of your old accessories as well!

Recycle Free has partnered with some of the leading global recycling companies in the mobile phone recycling industry. Through our team efforts, we have created this program with you in mind. We have provided you with free shipping throughout the United States.

It’s estimated that every month Americans retire more than 10 million cell phones when they upgrade or change their service. Most people don’t know what to do with their old phone so they just stash it in a drawer or closet and forget about it. Our mission is to help you recycle your old mobile phone responsibly, put a few bucks in your pocket, and help provide funds for recycling programs.

PDA’s & Pagers

As PDA’s become ever so popular and Pagers hold their own, Recycle Free can now accept these items for recycling in conjunction with our mobile phone collection program. Simply place them in the mobile phone collection kits in an effort to divert them from the landfills.

Free Program

Remember, there is nothing to purchase. No need to sort through the mobile phones either, we will take care of that for you. Our program currently recycles many mobile phones.

Unlike other companies, we will recycle all your mobile phones, even if they have little or no value.

This is the most simplistic program for corporate, government and individual recyclers available today. We pay for all freight charges.

Most of our customers return 50 to 100 mobile phones at one time. Remember, the program is free, easy to use, and we’ll assist you in your efforts by collecting spare mobile phones for recycling.

Collection Materials

Option # 1

Prepaid Labels for your convenience (downloaded from your computer)

Option # 2

Model # MPB-2 (for use with retail or high volume locations only)

Mobile Phone Collection Box

Contains: 2 Collection Boxes

Note: Includes Prepaid Shipping Return Labels

  • Easier to Use, More Simplistic
  • We Accept All Phones
  • We Accept All Accessories
  • Free Shipping
  • No Sorting
  • No Minimums

Easy Instructions

No more shipping labels for you to complete. We’ll send you collection boxes and you pack the phones. It’s that easy!

Simply tell us how many phones you have ready to return and the process is almost complete.

What about the Accessories?

We will not be recycling the phone accessories (i.e. – phone chargers, ac adaptors, cords). You can still send them to us and that is okay.

However, here is a tip: Fundraising organizations can collect these accessories and resale them at less than 50% of their suggested retail price.

This opportunity is great for PTA’s, church groups, youth & scout groups, etc. Many mobile phone users need replacement accessories. Why shouldn’t you make some money?

What Happens to the Phones?

Recycle Free will do their best to ensure that all spare mobile phones are recycled accordingly.

The list below contains the four most common dispositions for the mobile phones we collect:

Distributed to Charitable Organizations

Some mobile phones are used to provide funds and working mobile phones to non-profit charitable organizations. They help provide emergency communications to those in need which support our 911 emergency phone bank.

Refurbished and Distributed in the US

The mobile phones are commonly refurbished and distributed for sale as a used phone within the US. (For example, there are a number of T-Mobile prepaid phones that are refurbished). Many insurance companies utilize these mobile phones as replacement units under warranty care or insurance replacement plans.

Refurbished and Distributed in Foreign Countries

The mobile phones are commonly refurbished and distributed throughout developing countries in many areas including Latin America, where landlines are too expensive for most people to acquire.

Extraction of Precious Metals

Damaged mobile phones with little or no value are broken down in an effort to extract precious metals.

Toxic Elements

Recycled mobile phones contain toxic elements like lead, arsenic, and cadmium, which have been linked with cancer, neurological disorders, and developmental abnormalities.

These substances can be released into the environment when mobile phones are incinerated or disposed of in landfills.